Sunday, 13 August 2017

Puriri Team 5 - Term 3 Week 4 ending 18 August

Term 3 now and so much has happened and so much is left to come! Puriri Team are busy, busy, busy!

Learning Conferences - We were so proud of all our students after the learning conferences!  They were confident when discussing their learning goals and how they are going with their learning.  We think parents were really impressed!

Keeping Ourselves Safe - During the Keeping Ourselves Safe program students were able to learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others. Our students learnt to recognise the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and what are different types of abuse.  The biggest thing they learnt was the importance of standing tall and being confident when encountering difficult situations.  We were again really impressed with the maturity of all our students when talking about some sensitive topics.

Mini Art Exhibition - Congratulations to all our students on producing amazing pieces of artwork to display in the hall.  Our sunflowers and Matariki art looked great.  A special congratulations to Alice McKendry and Millie Sanderson for winning awards for their artwork.

Production - We have the production coming up in week 9 and we will be starting regular practices here at school each day.  Please ensure if you are going to be away that you let your child's teacher/s know ASAP so they can factor that in when planning for their scenes.  Over the next few weeks you will receive regular updates and also information about costumes.

Awataha Marae Visit - Next week we will be visiting a marae to learn all about the customs and protocols associated with the experience.  Puriri Team will be visiting the marae next Thursday the 24th August.  We are leaving school @ 9:30am and will be back by 2pm.  Parents are welcome to come but would need to provide their own transport.  Please let us know if you would like to join us.
It is at 58 Akoranga Drive, Northcote.

Important Term Dates:

August 21 - Speeches due at school
August 24  - Marae Visit Year 5
August 28 - 31 Nth Island Ski Champs
August 31 - ICSS Soccer @ Seddon Fields
September 4 - Senior School Speech Comp
September 5 - 5 Photolife Class & Portrait photos
September 13 - ICSS Speech Comp - Pons Primary -1.40pm Start
September 19, 20, 21 - Production Week
September 21 -  ICSS Netball @ Onewa Courts
September 28 - Last Assembly for the term @ 1:30pm to farewell Sheryl

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Speech Information

Senior School Speech Competition

All Y5 & 6 children will prepare a 3 minute speech to present to their team during week 5, Monday 21st August – Friday 25th August. Five to six speeches from each team will be selected for the senior school finals, which will be held on Monday 4th September (Week 7).

The overall winner will go forward to the Inner City Schools Zone final which will be held in Week 8 or 9 (more details on this to follow)

This week all children will be expected to begin preparing their speeches. There will be some class time allocated for this but all children are expected to work on it at home as well.
Below are some guidelines for how to go about writing your speech and the marking criteria that you will be judged against is on OneNote in the Content folder.

How to go about Preparing Your Speech – Week 2 (Next Week)

  1. Topic
Choose your topic carefully. It is easier to do a speech on a subject you know about or are interested in. Some examples of past topics are: Climbing to Success, Going to the Dentist, My Worst Day, If I Could Change the World, Give It a Go, Helpful Hints For Boring Moments,                                                                                                                            
     2.   Brainstorming

Write down everything you know about your topic. Brainstorm with lots of others: classmates, mum, dad, brothers, sisters, grandma, grandpa, etc. Organise your ideas into a mindmap.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

     3. Message
        Decide on the message that you are trying to get across to your audience. You may
           need to carry out some research.

4.   Introduction
Remember you must catch the attention of your audience.

5.   Main Part of Your Speech
Now that you’ve gained the attention of the audience you must keep it- otherwise they will switch off.

6.   Conclusion
It is really important that you sum up your speech because these are your final words. You need to leave your audience thinking “WOW, What a neat speech!” and give them a clear message that your speech is finished.

          Giving a speech is not a dramatic performance.
          A good speech informs, convinces, persuades and the manner in which it is                
          communicated to the audience is all-important.

Speeches – Week 3

By now you should have completed your draft copy of your speech. When you read it aloud it should be between 2 1/2 and 3 minutes.

Read through your speech heaps and heaps of times. Time each other.
Drive mum and dad crazy reading and timing your speech.  You need to spend the first two homework nights reading your speech aloud. Make relevant changes to your draft- ask yourself “How can I make my speech better? Am I getting my message across?   Does my introduction wake up the audience? Does my conclusion sum up my speech and leave my audience thinking “What a neat speech”

          Giving a speech is not a dramatic performance.
          A good speech informs, convinces, persuades and the manner in which it is                
          communicated to the audience is all-important.

         By the middle of the week you should be able to pick out the relevant main   
         points of your speech.

  • Now it’s time to plan your cue cards. These should be able to be held in the palm of your hand.
  • Number each one, or punch a hole in the corner and tie together.
  • Condense to the main points. Do not attempt to write out the whole speech.
  • Use words with impact.
  • Highlight key words.

Keep your cue cards neat.


Now it’s time to practise delivering your speech.
Catch your audience’s attention right from the start. Be natural, confident, smile and frown as you would normally.
Talk with your audience- looking at them as you speak. You’re trying to get a message across to them.
Stand up straight and relaxed. Leave your audience with something to remember.
Practise your speech from cue cards. Do it out loud until you feel comfortable with the flow. Also practise in front of a mirror so you can see your expression, stance and gestures.
Using your voice: You need to present your speech effectively by varying.
Speed: Speak slowly enough for the audience to understand you. Change pace as appropriate.
Pitch: You have a wide range of 1 to 2 octaves to use.
Expression: Use your voice to show emotions e.g. fear, anger, excitement, sorrow etc.
Volume: Every word of your speech is important. The whole audience needs to be able to hear every word. This needs practice.
Remember you will be marked on
Speech Construction-
Introduction, body of speech, conclusion,
Organisation of the speech
Main points delivered well

Presentation and Delivery
      Facial and body gestures must enhance not distract from the speech
      Use of eye-contact
      Relaxed stance,
     Use of pause to allow the audience to take in the message,
      Variety of pace

                  Content of Speech
The message of the speech
Is it relevant, meaningful, clear and concise?
Does it have the audience hooked?

The use of grammar, punctation and word selection to enhance
The use of visual imagery to ensure that the message is delivered

The impact on the audience
Judges will be watching and assessing the audience’s reaction

                  Vocal Inclination

Modulation and volume of voice in the delivery of the speech
Vocal interest


Speeches are due to be presented to your team Monday 21st August!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Puriri News

Puriri Team 5 - Term 2 Week 10 ending 7 July

End of term and what a term it has been!  We are half way through the year and our learning is going from strength to strength.  Some of the highlights this term have been, winning the ICSS swimming, winning the ICSS cross-country, science inquiries, Jammies in June and House Day, winning the ICSS rugby league and of course the awesome Skip-a-thon!


The Skip-a-thon was a hit. All our hard work paid off and our routine was outstanding. If you missed our stunning performance you can view it on the video below:

Science Inquiry 
This was a great learning experience for us as we had to work very hard independently and with our partners. We developed time management skills, organisational skills, the ability to communicate and collaborate as well and all of the scientific learning that took place was amazing too! We hope you got to see our work on display in the hall!

 Mid Year Reports 
These are coming home on Friday the last day of term. The information in these has been taken directly from our Learning Progressions on OneNote so at any point you can see how we are progressing with our learning.

The Puriri Team would like to farewell to Deb, June and Jordan who are leaving us. We would like to say a big thank you to our lovely Deb for all you have done for us since we started school. We wrote a song with our thoughts to express how we feel about her.

Always been there for us when we are hurt or broken, Jemima Flatt
You always helped me when I stubbed my toe, Carter McMahon
You are always funny and kind when I am sad, Amelia Brooks
You care about everything you do and every person you meet, you are very kind, Harrison Benton
You are such a hard worker!, Mia Barber-Smith
Thanks for always giving us a smile when we walk by, Lola Hodgetts
Thanks for giving up your time to work in our office, Junah Hodgson
When I am hurt or sad you always make me feel better, Azzy Hodgson
You make Bayfield a better place, Gabsy Mitchell
You're a pretty, nice, caring lady...see you at St Mary's, Francesca Batty

On behalf of Puriri Team we will miss you!

June has also been a very special person in our team and whilst she has been here to help Jack with his learning she has also had lots to do with us and has helped us with our learning. Jack wrote a few words about what June means to him.

June is pretty.  She helps me with my learning. June is very kind to me.  I'll miss June.  I love June!